According to a study of the Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital published in the Lancet Medical Journal, over 71% (37/52) of critically ill patients with Coronavirus required an invasive Mechanical Ventilator due to respiratory complications (ARDS) with a mortality rate of over 61% (32/52).

The severity of Covid-19 pnemonia poses great strain to hospital critical care resources, especially if they are not adequatly staffed or resourced. Doctors and nursing staff are exposed to high risk of infection. Lancet Published online February 21, 2020

Clinicians should be aware of a New Automated Subglottic Aspiration System for aspirating/collecting secretions of ventilated patients without cross contamination. The Simex cuff M and cuff S*

Battery operated, stand-alone device sits at bedside and connects to the subglottic suction port of endotracheal or tracheostomy cannulas.

  • Battery operated, stand-alone device sits at bedside and connects to the subglottic suction port of endotracheal or tracheostomy cannulas.
  • Automated system removes secretions from above the subglottic area 24/7
    • Secretions collected in an integrated, self-contained disposable canister eliminating
      cross contamination
    • Drastically reduces need for manual aspiration of contaminated secretions
    • Drastically minimizes contact with infectious secretions
  • Eliminates leakage of contaminated secretions around the tracheostomy tube keeping stoma dry and clean
    • Eliminates wet contaminated dressings (reducing maceration)
    • Eliminates wet contaminated bedding and clothing
  • Frees up valuable nursing time needed to address other issues/patients
  • Helps prevent micro-aspiration of secretions to the bronchial passages and lungs thus reducing
    complications and risk of pneumonia and ARDS
  • Eliminates need for manual aspiration of contaminated fluids using currently used manual
    methods including wall suction, bronchial catheterization and suction

Clinical Experience with the Simex cuff M and cuff S

“In our experience, the amount of material aspirated increases by up to 10 times over what we were seeing with manual suctioning by our staff. It has saved time for our staff and reduced our contact with infectious material. And it has been beneficial to our patients, with less force put on the tracheal wall and no trauma from repeated endotracheal suctioning. To date, we have successfully treated over 800 patients using the SIMEX automated Subglottic Aspiration system.” Dr. med Marcus Wolf
Senior Physician Weaning Station, Department of Pneumology and Intensive Care Askepolis Klinik Bambeck, Hamburg, Germany
Based on my clinical experience, use of the SIMEX automated subglottic aspiration system helps reduce the risk of pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) by removing aspirated secretions from the subglottic space in intubated or tracheostomized patients.
Dr. Jerry Gentile, EdD, MEd, MSHA, MPH, MBA, BSRT, BSHA, RRT Flatline Health’ LLC, New York

What is going to be your next move to ensure the safety of your staff and patients? If you’d like more information on how we can help support your healthcare facilities efforts during this time of planning, please give us a call.

* The Simex Automated Subglottic Aspiration System, cuff M and cuff S are the only devices cleared by the FDA for the safe aspiration of subglottic secretions.

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