Acute Care Kits 2021

Acute Care Kits

For hospitals and healthcare facilities with over 200 patient beds. The Medi-Meal 25+ year shelf life emergency program is designed to meet or exceed regulatory compliance, while providing safety during emergencies.

Acute Care Program

The Medi-Meal 25+ year shelf-life emergency meal program will help you prepare for the unexpected, save time and money, and assure regulatory compliance. You and your staff will feel prepared for disasters or emergencies.

Want more in your kits?

We have add-ons such as dining kits, coffee and cream with a 25 year shelf-life, MRE bars for staff, and several water options that can be used for drinking and/or food hydrations.




Which container is best for storing water long term?

What does the manufacturer claim about their water packaging and how will it affect your decision. According to the FDA, water does not have an expiration. It is the packaging that breaks down and expires over time. So we’re going to go through the different options that are currently on the market and you can decide what is best for your healthcare facility based upon budget, space and how the water will be used.