About PHS

About PHS

Helping hospitals focus on their patients by providing the right products & support.

Practical Hospital Services is passionate about simplifying your job. This includes tasks like buying quality equipment that will fit in your facility’s budget, implementing the equipment to your facility, and complying with overwhelming codes and laws. We’re here to handle all of those tasks, so you can get back to focusing on your patients.

We Are All You Need

When you work with us, you're collaborating with expert distributors and consultants. The best part? We'll consult on all your distribution and sourcing needs for free.

"A person's talent and charisma can get them to a place that only their character can sustain"

— Pastor Steve Furtick, Charlotte NC

Commitment to our Customer

It's our responsibility to make your job easier. That means lower costs, top-notch products, and VIP service. We will do whatever it takes to provide first-class service -- no matter the size of your facility.

From Our Reps

We are your collaborators, plain and simple. Our experienced reps will walk you through everything from regulation to purchasing.

To Your Patients

We are always committed to your patient -- via you. Your patients will notice the higher-quality products we have to offer.

Let's Get Started

Have a question? Reach out any time