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“I am happy to provide a testimonial. I have been using the Nevap ETT since 2019 for all our extended cases, principally Cardio, Neuro, and GI. The tube works great, it suctions well and reliably. I’ve incorporated this tube into my practice as the port gives me access to the subglottic space and I can use this tube to apply lidocaine directly to the vocal cords in patients who may cough or experience discomfort. 
I’ve personally seen the tube remove 50ccs of fluid during a long case and the tube has been helpful in cases where the patient is at risk of aspirating. After we tried the Nevap tube, we went back and tried the Mallinckrodt suction tube in the OR and we realized we had to make a change. If you are looking at this tube, my suggestion is to try it sooner rather than later. Last week, I had a case where this tube prevented a case of aspiration and I am glad our hospital made the switch.”

Preston Neumayr M.D.

“We decided to use the NeVap Subglottic Suction ET tube for many reasons. For years, I have been seeking to find and then use an ET tube that provided better clearance of secretions and one that would also give the respiratory therapist’s and myself confidence it was working effectively. My experience using several different versions of tubes for subglottic secretions (like the Medtronic ET tube and Teleflex tubes) was that very little secretions were removed (less than 2-3 mL per day). In addition, these tubes were constantly making loud whistling noises that would lead patient’s and family members (not to mention hospital staff) to be concerned. When NeVap first made me aware of their multiport suction ET tube, I was very interested to see how it would perform–did great from the first time I used it and has continued to provide excellent suction of secretions, and without distracting sounds whether on intermittent or continuous suctioning. I would say that for patients who will be intubated >24 hours, the NeVap Subglottic Suction ET tube is my tube of choice.”

Robert Jasmer MD

“Practical Hospital Services provided a very valuable and effective solution for our hospital’s emergency supply needs. Stephanie and her team are fantastic to work with; responsive, helpful, and kind. The Medi-Meal system is well curated, organized, and tasty! 
I am proud of the state of the art emergency food system and supplies that PHS has provided to four of our hospital facilities and am continually reaping the benefits of reduced emergency food management and rotation.”

Laura Jensen, M.S., R.D.

Regional Dietitian

We trialed the SIMEX subglottic aspiration system with Portex subglottic suctionaide trachs in April of 2017, on two trached ventilator dependent patients. The patients had gotten 200ml out a day and later as the health of the subglottic wall normalized, the production of the sputum lessened and the amount of sputum lessened to 50ml a day. During the trial with Simex both patients had a decrease in tracheal secretions as well as oral secretions over time. The Simex has increased the quality of life in 3 of our long term trached ventilator dependent pediatric patients.  Less days lost of being sick and better attendance of school and activities.”

Nicole Haut, BS, RRT

Respiratory Therapy Manager

Thank you for your great customer service!  I appreciate all of your support and help when implementing the Medi-Meal program at the hospital.   I was very impressed by the taste and quality of the product.  I was also impressed with the shelf life and how much the hospital will save!  Thank you for your donation of a sample for our employees!  That was very thoughtful and there were excited to taste the product.

I would highly recommend these products and your company to anyone…

Amanda Montoya​

Nutrition Services

 I want to thank PHS for providing us with the 25+ year shelf life Mountain House foods.  Working at a hospital and being a Certified Chef I did not think you product was  going to be very tasty.  However I was so wrong, it is delicious and I was so pleased with the taste and texture.  Hillery I would highly recommend these products to anyone.  Also we had are TJC survey and we impressed the surveyor.  Not only was he impressed with the product but the organization of the products.  Each items stored and marked for each day and the menu packets included all the restricted diets.  He was so very impressed and shared his approval with Administration.  I also recommended your products to Redland Unified School District.   Again thank you for all your help in organizing and implementing the program.  Hopefully we never have to use it, but if we do it will be very successful.

Chef Joe Eidem, CEC, AAC, HOF

Executive Chef / Manager

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