Safety & Emergency Landing

Prepare for any emergency,
no matter how severe.

Be prepared to keep your patients and staff safe.

In the event of a disaster, you'll need to know your patients and staff can count on your facility. PHS's customized product packages are the lowest-cost and longest-lasting options available.

Safety & Emergency products that could save lives.

Together, we'll discuss what product package best suits your facility. No matter what customized product package you choose, you can expect a low cost and shelf-life over 30 years.

Safety Fall Products

Safety fall products can save lives in all situations


The turnkey disaster meal program with a 30+ year shelf life.

MRE's & Water

The most durable, long-lasting emergency food and water available.

Temp Tags & Storage

The most secure, power-independent storage option for emergency supplies.

Still not sure if you are prepared?

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