Medi Meal

Medi-Meal is the most cost-effective, efficient and high-quality way hospitals and long term care facilities can meet their emergency food requirements. State governments require facilities to have emergency food and water stored for their patients, staff and visitors up to 7 days. Most states require at least three days of non-perishables.  The food meets the RDA for protein and other essential nutrients so you can feel confident you’re providing patients with well-balanced nutrition in their time of need. Medi-Meal Program is the best key turn program on the market for preparing healthcare facilities meals during a disaster.

We offer a certified dietician meal program to meet specialty diets from 1 – 7 Day that includes a 3 Course Meal for each day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) + Snacks & Beverages

Dietary Menus Available

  1. Regular Diet Menu
    Cardiac Diet Menu
    Carbohydrate Diets Menu
    Renal Diets Menu
  2. Pediatric Menu 1-18 years old
  3. Vegetarian Menu
  4. Gluten Free Options

Easy Meal Prep Time – Just add Hot or Cold Water

Can be prepared in the #10 Cans during an Emergency