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How It Works

Medi-Meal is the most cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality emergency meal program on the market for hospitals, long term care and assisted living facilities. Here is how to get started:

Know Your Numbers

How many days and meals do you need to prepare for an emergency. Assisted Living communities minimum is 3 days, where Acute Care and long term facilities are 4 days, 3 meals per day. Check with your local state regulations if you’re not sure.

How Many Kits Do You Need?

Use Medi-Meal Emergency Plan Calculator to quantify the exact amount of food your facility or community needs to meet state and federal regulations for emergency food supply.

Do You Need Water With This?

It is suggested to have enough water on site to be able to supply each person 1 gallon per person per day. This does not include water needed to hydrate your emergency food. We can help calculate this number if you’d like. Read our brochure here.

Community Kits

For assisted living or smaller healthcare facilities with less than 200 beds. Medi-Meal 25+ year shelf life emergency kits provide a 1 to 4 day meal program to meet regulatory compliance and assure safety during an emergency.

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Acute Care Kits

For hospitals and healthcare facilities with over 200 patient beds. The Medi-Meal 25+ year shelf life emergency program is designed to exceed regulatory compliance and provide food & water during emergencies.

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What Separates Medi-Meals From the Others?

Unsure of your state and federal regulatory compliance?


Key Differentiators

Click below on some of the items offered through our program that will ensure your facility’s resilience during an emergency, whether it’s as dire as a natural disaster or as trivial as a broken sewage pipe.

Emergency Plan Calculator

Our emergency food calculator makes it easy to quantify how much food your facility needs to weather an emergency and meet state compliance. Simply tell us how many people you’ll need to feed for how many days and we’ll do the math for you.


3 Day Kits Needed

*Above total is an estimate. Please contact our leadership for a detailed breakdown.

Want more in your kits?

We have add-ons such as dining kits, coffee and cream with a 25 year shelf life, MRE bars for staff, and several water options that can be used for drinking and/or food hydration.




Is Packaging Important to the Shelf Life and Quality of Your Disaster Food?

There are 3 main components that spoil food, water (moisture), heat, and oxygen. By protecting the food source from these elements, manufactures are able to create a food product that can last up to 30 years without losing more than 4% of the nutritional value.