Posey 8060 Enclosure Bed

RECOMMENDED USE: Patients at extreme risk of a serious injury from a fall, or unassisted bed exit.

  • Does not include hospital bed. IV Post Mount Brackets firmly attach the canopy to compatible hospital bed frames.**
  • Enclosed Patented Mattress Compartment helps reduce the risk of patient entrapment and is expandable to accommodate 10-inch (25.4 cm) air mattress types.
  • Water-repellent, skin friendly, and durable nylon canopy.
  • Foam padded A-Frame holds the nylon canopy in place.
  • Four access panels for patient care from all four sides.
  • Quick-Release Buckles lock the zipper pull-tabs for added patient security.
  • Ten Access Ports: eight tube ports and two drainage ports.

Posey Bed 8040/8060 and Hospital Bed Compatibility Guideline:

  • Length of bed frame must be ≤ 96” and does not retract < 76
  • Width of bed frame must be ≤ 36”
  • The height of the bed platform (deck of the bed) from the floor must be able to adjust between:
      • For Posey Bed 8040 –13 and 22 inches
      • For Posey Bed 8060 –16 and 25 inches

Depending on the features of the bed, operational limits must also be observed when a Posey Bed canopy is in use as described in the User Manual.