When looking to purchase your long term shelf life disaster food, the upfront cost may come as a surprise. Rest assured it will save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the shelf life of the food. Most healthcare facilities have not properly budgeted the expense into their current fiscal year. So what options are available now?

Grants – This is a great option by way of your local County, State or Federal government. The process can take a little longer and not all hospitals are guaranteed to receive funding.

Grant.gov (Forms)

FEMA Grants

Purchase Orders – At any time the healthcare facility can purchase a disaster meal program with a purchase order or a credit card. This is due to the facility placing the cost into their fiscal year budget.

3 Month Payment Option – If any healthcare facility interested passes a credit inspection, PHS can spread out the payments for over 3 months.

In Sections – PHS can provide facility-specific needs and assist with budgeting to figure out how to break up the purchase into sections. Since the longer shelf life disaster meal program can be more cost upfront we can split it in a few different ways. Whether it’s breaking up for how many days the facility purchases or if MRE products are needed for staff and visitors initially until the program can be paid for at a later time. As for the water that is needed to hydrate the food, there are several affordable options available.

Leasing Options with the purchase of a storage container –  If the facility needs a self-regulated temperature storage container to store the long term shelf life disaster food outside, then PHS has a solution to where we can finance the container using capital or operational leasing options that will fund the container and food over a 12 to 60 month

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