Storage options can be a tricky thing for medical facilities that do not have the space available. In addition to having the space, it also needs to be temperature-controlled. Most disaster food with a 10-year shelf life or longer are packaged in either pouches, buckets or #10 cans. This means the food needs to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment with temperatures not exceeding 75°F. Regulating the temperature helps preserve the food for the length of the shelf life, it also helps maintain the nutritional value. Anytime fresh or canned food is exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time, the food will start to lose nutrients. This can present a challenge within the healthcare industry on where and how to store their disaster supplies. Storing disaster food is just as important as the program itself. You’ll expect it to be just as tasty and nutrient-dense as when it was first purchased, regardless of the shelf life. Patients’ immunity rely on it and staff will need the extra energy to continue performing at the intensity they’ll be required to work at during a disaster.

The particular unit is great at storing disaster food, but also very useful if the facility will be renovating the kitchen or will not have access to the kitchen due to a flood, sewage break, or some type of contamination.

If the facility chooses to store the disaster food in an outside container, the facility will need to have security in place to make sure the supplies are not tampered with or stolen.

Below are just some of the options available from least to most expensive that healthcare facilities currently utilize.

Option # 1: Mobile Mini 888.284.0614

  • Lead time 1 to 2 weeks
  • Portable Storage Container 10 ft to 40 ft
  • Can rent or purchase it depending on budget
  • REQUIRES – Will need to outfit the container with a wall cooling unit to keep within temperature range
  • REQUIRES – Portable temperature monitor device
  • REQUIRES – A 120 outlet depending on cooling unit added
  • REQUIRES – Flashlight or Headlights

Option #2 – Container King 972-290-4600

  • Lead time is 6 to 8 weeks
  • Portable Storage Container 10 ft to 45 ft
  • $5K to $15K – customized (would need foam, cooling unit and lights)
  • Purchase only – No rental options available directly through company
  • Temp Ranges 60 to 75, has gauge but no temperature tracking
  • Covers Nationwide – Based out of Texas
  • REQUIRES – Portable temperature monitor device
  • REQUIRES – Power outlet of 120

Option #3 Aldelano Storage Containers – SOLAR POWERED STORAGE CONTAINERS

  • Lead time is 6 to 8 weeks
  • Portable Storage Container ranging from 12ft to 40 ft
  • Purchase or other financial options available
  • Temp range 45°F to 70°F
  • Covers nationwide based out of Tennessee
  • Provides its own power, completely off the grid

Temperature Reporting System

  • Daily Temperature Recording
  • 1-time purchase with an annual fee for software access
  • Access to reports and alarms for Surveyors
  • NO WIFI needed, uses satellite technology
  • Software can be used with other tracking devices under the same platform
  • Access from any device (Computer, Phone, ETC)
  • Alarming capabilities

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