Vigilant Labels – Hospital Pharmacies

On-Demand Custom Labels for Hospital Pharmacies

IT department not required!

Print easy-to-read custom labels ON DEMAND

Vigilant’s Pharmacy solution enables hospital staff to print stored or custom labels on-demand. Our solution works even works when your IT department is not. The solution was invented by a pharmacist who worked in a hospital with a less than stellar network. Vigilant’s solution works without the requirement of being on the hospital network.

  • Need a few custom labels for compounded drugs? Don’t handwrite the drug information on blank label.
  • Need a batch of COVID-19 labels that don’t exist? Don’t wait several days for custom printing.

Vigilant Pharmacy Solution

Create, Store and Print custom labels on demand without IT department

Vigilant’s passionate about patient safety. Whether it is our syringe labeling solution or IV tubing, the Vigilant team developed this system to optimize patient safety.

But, Vigilant believes even more so in creating a simplified process that is incredibly easy-to-use. Hospital staff
desperately want to spend their precious time focused on the patient. Vigilant enables that with a one click, one touch process to printing immaculate custom labels on-demand.




Technology that eliminates the hassle surrounding drug labeling means properly labeled syringes/IV tubes are the norm.


Don’t let another Joint Commission survey happen without Vigilant’s patented solution. Compliance concern will be a thing of the past.


Do you have lost charges for drugs drawn outside of the pharmacy? Vigilant is proven to solve that challenge.

Unsure what you need?
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Purchasing equipment and supplies for healthcare facilities is complicated. Let two industry veterans personally walk you through the process. We’ll help you determine which customized solution is most cost-efficient for your facility.

Hospitals have invested huge sums of money to increase their doctor's and staff's productivity. Vigilant is one of the most impactful investments in healthcare today.