Augason Farms (50 Year Shelf Life)

1. No leaching
2. BPA-free, polymer-based epoxy coating prevents the interaction of aluminum ions with beverage
3. Impermeable to gasses, vapors, and light
4. 100% protection from oxygen, light, moisture, and other contaminants
5. Holds up to 250 pounds of direct weight
6. Rustproof and resistant to corrosion
7. Stands up to hot and cold temps
8. Recyclable

Ultra-Purification Process
• Water sourced from Japan’s Mount Fuji is naturally filtered and purified as it passes over and through the volcano’s geological formations
• Before canning, water goes through the eight-stage ultra-purification process that ensures it is 99.999% free of biological and chemical contaminants
• Once cans have been filled and sealed, they go through the “retort” sterilization process that heats water to 190°F, ensuring that no bacteria remains
• Uniquely combines the eight-stage ultra-purification process and retort sterilization process, resulting in the water’s 50-year shelf life