320 Gallons Barrels (5 year shelf life) with sanitation droplets

This monster of a water storage combo provides two 160 gallon tanks (that’s almost six 55-gallon barrels) while only taking seven and a half square feet of floor space. The combo also comes with everything you’ll need to fill, treat, and use your water tanks. Includes water treatment packages and a special drinking-safe hose like the ones used to fill water tanks on boats and campers. Here’s why we think the Water Reserve is so great (and why we’re sure you’ll think so, too):
• Includes 6 Aqua Mira water treatment packages, and one 50-ft hose designed for drinking water.
• Made with BPA-free plastic.
• Included lead-free spigots (spigot appearance may vary) and vent cap make for easy dispensing and rotating your water
• Plastic has been enhanced with UV resistant properties (more sun protection!) to increase the life of your water and the life of the barrel itself.
• Engineered to stack (up to two high)
• Fits through a standard door frame so you can put it just about anywhere.
• It’s FDA and NSF approved

Storage Tip: For best results, store off the ground using 2 x 4” boards that are placed together to create a solid and level surface.

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