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In order to provide a quote, the following information needs to be provided

  1. How many days you’d like quoted (1 – 7 Days) Joint Commissions states 96 hours sustainability plan for emergency meals and water
  2. How many people (Patients, staff & Visitors) CHA calculator is a good tool to use to determine the amount
  3. Breakdown in patient diets (Regular, carb, cardiac, renal)
  4. Regular menu, Pediatric Menu or Vegetarian menu
  5. Optional: Would you like water options for hydrating and drinking purposes
  6. Optional: MRE options for Staff volunteer and others

Reach out to one of our specialist so we can find a customized solution for your healthcare facilities needs.

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All purchases can be made with a credit card or Purchase order. Depending on the product we can also provide financing options.

PHS is a certified women owned small business.

Yes, we can provide samples of disaster water, MRE bars, dehydrated food and vigilant labels. We can provide a Free trial on the Vigilant label Machine, Simex Sublottic Aspiration device, H+H Trays and refrigerators.

Most products will be received within 7 to 10 working days.

Medi-Meal program is received within 10 to 15  working days

H+H products will determine on customization of the product and when the product is placed. Estimated  shipping time is 2 to 3 weeks.  

Each product warranty is based upon manufacturer specification.

Liebherr Warranty

Liebherr Commercial Food Service Warranty

H+H General Terms & Conditions

Vigilant Warranties are purchased separately. When you purchase the warranty, all damage (including accidental) is covered, includes software updates, customizations of labels, user management. If you decline the optional warranty, you will be responsible for the above items.

Yes. we provide video training and or in house training depending on the product and facilities location for all products.

Customer covers the cost of shipping. PHS can provide a quote or customer can use there shipping provider.

Liebherr Refrigeration offers Free shipping for 7 or more commercial or lab refrigeration and freezers.  

Each #10 can takes  8 – 10 cups of water to hydrate the food. Be sure to follow the recipe on each can as the amount of water varies depending on the natural products.

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