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  • Prepare for the worst with the best.

    Natural and man-made disasters are always on the horizon. Let us help you prepare your emergency meal and water program now so you can feel confident when that day comes.

  • Revolution in Respiratory Care

    Aspirating up to 10x the amount of secretions compared to wall suction methods, the Simex is the leading solution in preventing Ventilator Associated Conditions.

  • Vigilant Labeling Platform

    A simple labeling process for CRNAs and anesthesiologists. It ensures compliance for the Pharmacist and OR Manager.

Efficient solutions that makes a difference.

As a healthcare worker, your days are demanding and time is limited. You selflessly care for your patients while mitigating errors and operating as efficiently as possible. What if you had more time? What if you had a time-saving partner in your corner?

Practical Hospital Services is that partner and we understand your frustration. Our 20+ years of experience in hospital departments has allowed us to develop streamlined solutions for new product introductions, error prevention, and improved patient care. We are your trusted, woman-owned supplier for hospitals across the nation.

Modern Medical Equipment Built for Efficiency

Here are the top time-saving products that will help develop streamlined solutions for new product introduction, error prevention, and positive patient outcomes.

Industry News & Insights

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Our Expertise


Our products come with customized solutions to meet each facilities specific patient population and needs. Ask us how we can help.


All our products meet or exceed regulatory compliance for local, state, and federal requirements. We help raise the standards in healthcare.


All our products are cost effective to provide the best patient outcome, while providing a great ROI for healthcare facilities. Talk to one of our experts to see how much we can save you.